Frank Wallace


If you have never heard about poker, then you must be wondering… «What's the big deal?» Poker is an sport out there which is purely based on skill… That over 100 million people are interested in… These people gather offline and online and play this game with real money… The guys who play it skillfully make so much money that they literally never have to work again… It is possible to join this world instantly and play with these people… What makes poker truly amazing is that it is more than just an addictive strategic game, it is an art. In poker you don't just play the cards, you actually play against another person. Once you learn the game, you can come up with many clever ways to outsmart your opponents. The fact that you can make so much money defeating a player, just adds to its appeal. Once you learn how to play poker like a pro, you won't believe how many easy players are out there who have zero poker skill simply because they think poker is a game of luck. This is actually also one of the reasons why winning money in poker is so easy. With so many players playing poker for fun, or simply so many players just having no clue how to play the game strategically, it makes easy picking for sharks who know what they are doing. With the Advanced Concepts of Poker, that you will learn in this book, we continually earn the kind of money most people can't imagine.
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