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Divine Message keeps in President Trump to protect & restore America in God's power and righteousness. The Democratic Party— controlled by the Socialist&Communist technological evil powers. Arise to God's Truth Restore and Keep America's Freedom In His days Judah, shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell in safety, and this is His Name shall be called the Lord our Righteousness (Jesus Christ in the Trinity).Jeremiah 23:6 How can we restore and keep America's Freedom? The Spirit of the Lord promises of His eternal love and has never forsaken us, “I love My people and want them to call on Me in prayer and accept My Love as their First Commandment. And accept Me as their Lord and Savior.” Divine Message 2020 In trials and danger, “The Holy Scriptures will help you and guide you in all your trials of life.” Divine Message St. Therese Alhambra, California Divine Message to Vote in President Trump to continue to protect and restore America. Why do we need to vote Republican to protect our freedom and to restore our land? Tell the people the Democratic Party is controlled by the Socialist and Communist and the infiltration of a technological group of treacherous power. The tender Democrat party is not anymore; those that love their country and want to keep America's FREEDOM. The Democratic leaders are not supported by the belief that the government “serves the people.” The Democrats that believe in America's Freedom need to support the Republicans because they have and will help toward the best for the people and put America first. I have given the power now to the Republicans because they are RESTORING AMERICA, God's will to keep the people's freedom. Divine Message September 10, 2020 Communism teaches and us two objectives: unrelenting class warfare and the complete eradication of private ownership. Pope XI Only in Israel shall dwell in safety, and this is His Name shall be called the Lord our Righteousness' 6 to extend His dominion in boundless peace, over the throne of David and over His kingdom to make it secure and sustain it in fair judgment and integrity. From this time onwards and for ever, the jealous love of Yahweh Sabaoth will do this. Isaiah 9:5–7 In the course of its history, Israel was able to discover that God had only one reason to reveal Himself to them, a single motive for choosing them from among all peoples as His special possession: His sheer gratuitous love.38 And thanks to the prophets, Israel understood that it was again out of love that God never stopped saving them and pardoning their unfaithfulness and sins.39Catholic Catechism 219:39–40
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