Trevor's Truth 5

Millie and Trevor knew each other as kids and teenagers. They secretly fell in love but never shared their feelings except for one fatal time that brought them together but also tore them apart.

Trevor is back in their hometown L.A. after more than a decade overseas. He is still best friends with Millie’s brother Justin, and you might say that he’s a man on a mission. Millie, a single mother, has made an important decision for herself. She has signed up to go on an explorational journey into her own sexuality. After too many years dedicating herself to marriage, her child and lately building a business there hasn’t been many hours left in the day for Millie.

She signs up for a six weeks SexUcation course at an exclusive sex club, Piacere. Masters will each Friday evening teach her how to travel the world-map of her sexuality.

Trevor has made millions on two types of businesses. He owns sex clubs in London, New York and now L.A with his friend from college, James. In broad daylight he’s a tech mogul helping other tech start-ups on the road to success.

Part 5 of 6 Trevor and Millie were each other’s teenage crushes. Fast forward fate kept them apart for more than a decade, but now Millie has taken it upon herself to make a trip into her own sexuality. She has signed up for a course at a posh sex club, Piacere, in L.A. What she doesn’t know is that her first “tutor” a master of the club is the one and only Trevor from her past. Remember to listen to the Spotify playlist Trevor’s Truth while reading. All my books have their own exclusive playlists.
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