Marnie Kay

Belief Is The New Black: Unlock Your True Potential by Discovering the Power of Your Belief

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'The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off' Gloria Steinem The truth is it's all YOU-your fears, your worries, your doubts and your beliefs. Your inner bitch Betty, has been busy gathering evidence and building proof around some silly ideas you picked up that have now become the so-called “truth” for you. One Question: How's that working for you? It wasn't working for Marnie Kay and after one life-changing event she was forced to question the things she had always simply known and accepted to be true. What if they weren't true? What else was now possible? Her need to understand how we work and how we can become the creator of our lives instead of the witness has led her to on a mission to share one simple truth with the world: Belief is the KILLER and the KEY. The beauty is you get to choose. It all starts with what we think and the stories we tell ourselves. The good news is you are not a shoe. One of our many fabulous human faculties is the intellectual ability to choose what we think about. So why don't we? Why do we choose the stories that suck? In Belief Is the New Black, Marnie aims to share with you… 1. WHY you are your only problem. Ever. 2. HOW your beliefs rule your world. Literally. 3. WHAT to do about it. Now. Join Marnie on this personal journey of love, strength, heartbreak and humor in understanding our beliefs about ourselves, life, love, money (and everything in between) and how to get them working FOR us instead of AGAINST us. YOU are also your only solution. Belief is everything, everything is Belief.
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