Jennifer Bernard

The Rock

As the owner of Rocky Peak’s favorite bar, easygoing Jake Rockwell is everyone’s rock and best friend. But now he needs serious help from the gorgeous and fierce investigator Olivia James—and it’s going to kill him to keep things strictly professional between them.    
It’s been a long, hard-fought battle to go from naïve ex-trophy wife to respected private investigator, but Olivia has done it. She now offers her services only to women in need…but she’s made an exception for a friend. Which might possibly be the biggest mistake of her life, since Jake is as maddening as he is charming…and thoughtful…and insanely hot.
The closer they work together and the more Rockwell family secrets they expose, the harder it is for Olivia and Jake to resist their sizzling connection. But their burning almost-romance is about to go up in flames as they uncover the final revelation that could blow Jake’s world apart—forever.
278 printed pages
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