Jody Scottsmith

Straight from The Onion Vine Book 2 Turnaround

“Straight from The Onion Vine” Book 2 Turnaround continues the turmoil Kara, Scott, Suzanne and Neil face in Lakewood High. Kara's one time best friend Annie has not left the picture, either. She has a way of re-appearing…and always has a reason.

Like Kara's town, author Jody Scott-Smith lives in a small town. Her daughter's friends often talked of the problems written about in the 'Onion Vine' books. Teen life in Kara's town centers around Lakewood High and The Student Union building called The Onion or The 'O', in texts and blogs. A look inside The Onion is on Turnaround's cover, along with Kara, Scott, Suzanne and Neil. Be careful what's said and done at The Onion, or it could beccome part of the grapevine! Find out more about this teen hangout on Facebook.

Jody Scott-Smith is a nurse and enjoys camping with her dogs on an agility weekend. They have to complete weave poles, jumps and many other obstacles on a course. Pictures of her Papillons will soon be posted on Facebook. Sparky and Skipper rule!
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