The Republic of Night, Dominic Martell
Dominic Martell

The Republic of Night

341 printed pages
Pascual Rose—the terrorist courier turned deep-cover informant introduced in Dominic Martell’s acclaimed international thriller Lying Crying Dying—returns in this masterfully executed, continually unpredictable, relentlessly suspenseful new adventure.

From the outset, when an overfriendly total stranger accosts the down-and-out Pascual in the shadowy nave of the Santa Maria del Mar cathedral, Pascual wants no part of anything he has to offer. Nonetheless, $100,000 and the threat of exposure lure Pascual from portside Barcelona, where he has been hiding from his terrorist past, to the banking precincts of Paris, where he again confronts it.

Hired by French intelligence to finger a one-time comrade turned global terrorism entrepreneur, Pascual finds himself hurled into Algerian factional warfare and charmed by an earnest Algerian journalist, who weds her destiny to his. She gets more than a story, however, as she follows Pascual into a perilous world where your closest ally may be a traitor and the enemy your lifeline, where bullets are common currency and nothing can be taken at face value.

Least certain of all to the increasingly beleaguered Pascual is the identity of the real heavyweights. He knows only that beyond Algerian death squads, beyond the long arm of the Russian conglomerate Mirakl, beyond French security agents and the Swiss police operates a faceless cadre that acknowledges no borders and honors no bonds.
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