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Blood Testament

Two men take the same pledge — to see justice done. Mack Bolan, a self-styled executioner, made his vow in silence and alone. Hal Brognola took his oath for all America to see. Hunter and prey in former years, they are now lifelong friends. Their friendship is their strenght — and their weakness.

The mission: Mack Bolan must rescue Brognola’s kidnapped wife and children, and clear his friend’s name of treachery.

The enemy that Bolan must face is ruthless and neck deep in the blood of a late U.S. president and his brother. The frame and snatch smell of CIA involvement, and Bolan knows that underworld links with Clandestine Ops run deep at Langley. With these odds, can Bolan stop his friend’s world from falling apart?
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279 printed pages
Thriller & Crime

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