Leon Langford


The Gods of Olympus were real. In fact, the great Olympian Forefather Zeus was the forefather for such historical giants as Thor and George Washington. But that was long ago, now the descendants of the Gods have new jobs: Superheroes. In a world where power and myth have walked hand in hand, professional heroes serve alongside humanity to combat those who would use their Gifts for evil.

After gravity-manipulating teen, Jordan Harris is arrested for vigilante activity, he is given a simple deal: go to jail or go undercover in the nation's most prestigious superhero training academy — Fort Olympus. His academy work comes second as he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens not just the city of Houston, but the world. While Jordan is used to working on his own in the dark of the city, he must soon learn about teamwork and confront his own shortcomings which leads him from vigilante, to criminal, to hero.
419 printed pages
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