Rebecca Guy


'If you like a great psychological thriller, I promise you that you will love Shattered.' Amazon review
Forced to Northumberland to care for her dying Aunt, Charley Costin is determined to put aside childhood fears, and a twenty year feud, to prove her family wrong. Elizabeth Kane is not a witch, she is just an old lady, and Charley intends to make her estranged Aunt's last days as comfortable as possible.
But doubts creep in when Elizabeth proves more work than Charley ever imagined. Intimidating and demanding, with violent hallucinations, episodes of paranoia, and an agenda of her own, Charley discovers dementia is much more than loss of memory, and her Aunt is as far from 'old lady' as she can get.
Already on edge, Charley discovers Fortwind House hides not only a sinister presence, an unruly bell, and a study door that opens itself, but also a terrible secret. A secret that gardener Axl Maddox would kill to keep buried. A secret that Elizabeth is desperate to tell. As her Aunt's paranoia grows, an unnerved Charley questions just how long her Aunt has left, and the real reason she may have less time than she thinks.
Disturbed, watched, and afraid, Charley feels out of her depth as over twenty years of deception, betrayal, vengeance, and bad blood rise to the surface with devestating consequences. What Charley discovers at Fortwind House will blow her world apart and challenge everything she has ever known.
'From the 1st page, I was hooked, and kept finding spare minutes so I could sit and read Shattered, I so wanted it to end, but I didn't want it to finish!!' Amazon review.
499 printed pages
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