Harold Skaarup

Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Canada, Province by Province, Volume 1 New Brunswick

This book is an informative and detailed synopsis of the carefully preserved and restored armoured fighting vehicles on display in New Brunswick. Soldiers from this Atlantic province have used them as tools of war at home and overseas. The descriptions of Canadian armour on display here illustrate that illustrate their efficiency and effectiveness has evolved to a significant level, and that military planners have had to be continuously creative in adapting to the changes in modern combat. They had to devise many intricate techniques, tactics, and procedures to overcome the insurgents and opposition forces faced in overseas missions where Canadian armour has been or will be brought into play. This guidebook is intended to show the interested researcher where to find examples of historical armour preserved in New Brunswick. It should also serve as a window on how Canada's military contribution to safety and security in the world has evolved.
268 printed pages
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