Colin Heston

Ferry to Williamstown

Lizzie Malley entertains her powerful and kinky clients (the Mayor of Melbourne, an Aussie rules hero, a famous Queens Counsel) in her Winnebago parked on the old Williamstown Ferry. Her father Sandy is the union boss on the wharf, and her Mom, Babs, rules the roost from her kitchen. When shaven and disfigured bodies pop up in the Yarra beside the ferry, tightly bound Paul Striker of CID, is confronted with the web of illegalities that pervades Williamstown, the Malley family with its ties to chairman of the Australian communist party, Lennie Stalinsky, and their protector the strange Father Zappia. Pandemonium breaks out when Lizzie announces that she and her uncle Bobby the ferry driver, whose toe was cut off when he was a little boy,  plan to elope, and the body of Stalinsky’s wife Monie is fished out of the Yarra.  Then there is Babs, under the spell of the strange Father Zappia, who tries to solve her own mystery of St. Robert’s toe. Things come to a head when Babs throws Lizzie and Bobby a send-off party, and engages a Burl Ives impersonator for entertainment. In good Aussie style all hell breaks loose and both mysteries are solved, sort of.
416 printed pages
Original publication



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