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Mental Models: 2nd Version

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Do you feel like decision making takes forever, and when you do finally
make a decision, it is usually the wrong one?

If you want to learn how to use your mind to know how to behave in
different situations then keep reading…

Taking important decisions. Who's never had that happen to them at least once in their lives?
Everyone has, but unfortunately it doesn't always end like it was imagined before.
In my past It occurred to me that i had to take lifetime decisions, but in most cases i was unsure
about them. I've always given too much priority to less relevant things, making often a great mess
out of it.

Many times I procrastinated, moved by the fear of failure, not being able
to take decisions

The reason why?

I was not acquainted with a right thinking method which could show me
the right way to take my life decisions!

After a long time, now things have changed. Not only I've learned a
thinking method, but I also manage to use more mental models for
essential situations, from workplace to personal relationships

Thanks to “Mental Models” we're going to apply the right mental model
to each situation. They say that «To the man with a hammer everything
looks like a nail”. And what are we going to do about it? We embrace as
many tools as we can, because everyone with a big project in his o her
hands knows that just a hammer is not enough!

In this audiobook I'm not going to tell you about neither my educational
path (OR training), nor my complete knowledge, but in your reading you
will learn:
The 4 main strategies based on mental models, what they are and how to use them in order to reach your goals.How to take important decisions without the fear of failure.The 3 essential laws of this topic which make you able to improve your personal and professional life.
How to be acquainted and handle the same “mental models” the “bigs” (OR greats) from present and past used to reach their success

In «Mental Models» you will find notions and models easily usable in
everyday life: work, personal relationships, conversations. It's a audiobook for both beginners and experts, which can adapt to every kind of personalities

In this audiobook there is a whole chapter which helps you actualize everything you've read before. A simple system that will replace old habits with behavior schemes in order to increases your productivity.
Moreover, At the end of this audiobook you'll find a step-by-step plan which
will help you practicing all the informations you've read so far.
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