Sherwood Smith

Hunt Across Worlds

First written when Sherwood Smith was a teen, the series called CJ's Notebooksfeature a gang of girls around thirteen-year-old Queen Clair of Mearsies Heili. The M girls, as they come to be known, prefer their villains silly, their throwing pies gloppy, and their adventures fun. But villains don't ask first if the girls want to be dragged into dangerous escapades, so they've had more than their share. Sometimes they are not the center of the dangerous escapades. Hunt Across Worlds, a prelude to Fleeing Peace, is about two kids from Earth who discover a boy from another world being kept prisoner. When they rescue him, they end up having to cross the USA before being blasted by magic to Mearsies Heili, where they meet a sailor girl who's been stuck in charge of a Mysterious Magical Object. CJ and the gang try to come to the rescue, discovering that being on the edge of big events can lead to bigger questions; this one leads directly into Everon.
172 printed pages



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