Mary Ardissone

God Says Yes 91 Times

Description of the Book
She was going through a period of unemployment and financial difficulty. She was wondering if God was even hearing her prayers. Did He have too much wax in His ears or something? She wondered if God really cared about her or did he want her to experience hell on earth or something. She challenged God to remind her of many significant prayer requests that were answered yes. She would then write a book about it later and share the requests with others.
As time went on, she simply had to conclude that anything is possible with God. She realized that letting go and letting God is important. Have enough faith that Hell do it if its a good idea. What He does with your request may boggle your mind.

One person can make a world of difference. With God, we are all equal in his eyes. Hell do amazing things for anybody.

About the Author
Mary has worked as a graphic artist and in the field of home health care. Despite a number of major downturns throughout her life, she still remains optimistic and hopeful about her life and that of the people she meets. Optimism brings turnarounds in many situations. Ask God for help in becoming more hopeful about the future as she has done many times.

Anything is possible with prayer. Now hold on to your hat as you read about many of her own experiences with prayer requests that were answered yes.

84 printed pages
Original publication



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