Robert Jeschonek

Forced Partnership

A Super-Hero Tale by a DC Comics Writer. Hero-on-sidekick violence explodes in this hard-hitting super-hero tale, Book 3 in the Forced Heroics series. Why does Partycrasher, dark avenger of the night, give his sidekick (also codenamed “Partycrasher”) the beating of a lifetime? Could it be the cowled crusader has fallen under the influence of sexy reformed bad girl Linda Loveblind, aka Partygirl? Or has the sidekick truly committed a heinous crime for which there can be no forgiveness? Maybe the answer is none of the above. A much deeper and darker delusion might be dominating the shadowy super-knight's mind. His sidekick begs for mercy and fights to break through before it's too late…but he's quickly running out of time. With each passing moment and punishing blow, the attack looks more like a murder in the making. Don't miss this exciting tale by award-winning storyteller and DC Comics writer Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected superhero adventures that really pack a punch.
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