Stephen Phillips


Q is the hypothetical written source for the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke. Q is short for the German quelle or 'source'. This ancient text supposedly contained the logia or quotations from Jesus. Archaeologists have been searching for this documentation in any form for centuries. Academic opinion is divided, but many a learned case has been made for an original text of Q even if no longer extant.A group of eminent, powerful men conceive a plan, a scam, a fraud, to establish that Q had been discovered. Their clever subterfuge allows a renowned academic to endorse, unequivocally, the contents of an original archaeological find that contained Q. The professor (allegedly) always remaining convinced of their content's authenticity.His naive acceptance of the scam was driven by a passion for his subject, his innate desire for recognition, the pre-eminence of his benefactors and an intelligent, attractive, manipulative female.Once the scam was universally accepted, it was essential that the four people co-opted by the devious scam group (crucial to a successful outcome) should be carefully eliminated, by all and every means, while avoiding any interference from law enforcement, as any exposure of the scam would compromise the instigators and cause global mayhem.Will they succeed in avoiding their death against the powerful clandestine forces determined to kill them?
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