Henry Alan Dahut

Marketing the Legal Mind: A Search For Leadership – 2014

Supported by more than one hundred candid interviews with top law partners across the United States, this best-selling law practice management book reveals how law firms can become marketing giants by learning the secrets behind value-driven branding.

Within a span of less then a decade, more than twelve of the nation's largest law firms, those with more than 1,000 partners between them had completely vanished. The decline and ultimate failure of these firms were not only attributable to a crisis in market conditions, it was also attributable to a crisis in firm leadership, values and brand identity.

This book makes the case that value-based branding is, first and foremost, a transformative process in search of the firm's highest and most cherished values. The author argues that the old paradigm of eat-or-be eaten is destined to eventually turn in on itself and self-destruct.

This book teaches us that no matter how hard a firm tries to create a compelling brand, it will ultimately fail unless the brand is a truthful and inspired statement of the firm's true character, capabilities and values. Firms with illusory brands will find it increasingly difficult to compete against more progressive firms, specifically those that have embraced the specific marketing processes behind value driven branding.

Who are these progressive firms? They are young value-driven leaders committed to branding as a transformative organizational process. They measure success by how well they serve their clients legal, practical and emotional needs, the degree to which they establish caring and symbiotic relationships within the firm and at every possible contact-point the client encounters with the firm. Such firms are obsessed with delivering the highest levels of client service possible.

Value branded firms are made up of change agents, unafraid of declaring their most valued beliefs and actually live by them; unity over division, peace over conquest and wisdom over cunning. These firms are made up of lawyers that view themselves as trusted counselors and in the noblest sense of the term, healers of human conflict. Watch them closely the author urges, because they are poised to redefine the profession of law.

Finally, this book promises to unlock revenue potential, bring marketing goals into focus and bolster confidence for law firms of all sizes.
209 printed pages
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