Glenda Lay

Enlightenment Is A Carrot

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I believe the thread of our lives from childhood to today contains the key to a deeper understanding of where our lives are headed and why they play out as they do. The relationships and experiences of my life working in the metaphysical fields of Tarot, numerology, reiki and meditation that led to my finding a system for freedom and peace are contained in this book. In 1984 I moved from New Zealand to Australia and began a whole new chapter in my life. The lessons I learned and the experiences I've gathered from working with and observing my clients and students along the way are all explained in depth within this book. My experiences have enabled me to gain a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and my students have asked me to put it all together in book form. The many courses and modalities I have studied and practiced on myself and clients and the benefits to healing myself and subsequent improvements to my life have also led me to gather all this information together in a format I have called The System.

I have both lived and taught the four steps to The System to life that are contained in Enlightenment Is A Carrot. Enlightenment appears to be dangled in front of followers of the spiritual life, like a carrot that they can never quite catch up to but can't seem to help themselves from chasing.When put into practice, these four steps have the ability to give you freedom, peace and self empowerment over your life.

We have both the ability and the responsibility to co-create our lives. The reasons and theories behind my beliefs and concepts are explained in depth. Scientific explanations and proof of the law of attraction and our ability to affect our health and life experience are presented for you to make your own conclusions.How to manifest your life experience and my experiences using manifestation techniques are given in easy to follow exercises. The importance of living and treating others from the heart and as we would like to be treated and how relationships, life events and situations are mirrors of our subconscious beliefs are explained. Find out why you need to watch your words and thoughts and how they create your behavior and subsequently lead to the actions you will take.

It is important to be clear about who you are, what you need and how to find your unique life purpose and the ideas and modalities to help you find out are explained. Work out where you want your life to go and find the ideas on how to get there. Respect yourself with the tips on diet, exercise and rest.

Meditation, stillness, journaling, dreams, the importance of a daily practice and having 'a relationship with yourself' are all imbued with my experiences with meditation and listening. There are exercises to follow, steps to meditation and listening to your heart and feelings as a guide to your intuition. Find out that you are not alone and separate and learn how to listen to Guidance and the different sources of it. Learn the value of surrender, letting go and having trust and faith in the Universe. We are not alone, but connected to every other living thing, seen and unseen.

I am a big advocate of releasing the past, healing our wounds and how addressing and healing our subconscious repressed traumas is the key to effectively creating and living a peaceful, happy life. The importance of forgiving others and ourselves and how this heals our wounds and leads to compassion for others is discussed along with an amazing forgiveness method.

The book concludes with a healing plan – five steps to Transforming yourself and your life, using all the methods and exercises in the book.
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