On the Afterlife, G.V.Loewen

On the Afterlife

In On the Afterlife: You Will Get There from Here, author G. V. Loewen presents a new, fascinating model of the concepts of the afterlife, from early human societies to our own. Based on four ?types,? this theory stands apart from any kind of personal evaluation or judgment, whether or not the reader believes in the afterlife ? either in the form of a return to life in this world, or a continuation of life in some other realm ? or not. A fifth ?type? is designated by the concept of ?nothingness,? an integral element of understanding what happens when we die.Beginning with a discourse on how we remember and memorialize life in death, and ending with a chapter on ethics, On the Afterlife: You Will Get There from Here demonstrates how the obligation is on us as human beings to make our lives worth dying for. This intriguing book will change the way you think of the afterlife.
257 printed pages


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