Michelle Love

Billionaire Bad Boys

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Settle in for these three full-length standalone romances full of men who take charge in the boardroom and the bedroom!
Don't miss this set of hot billionaire bad boys waiting to be found out!

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Book one — Under Her Skin: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
Arrogant Italian billionaire, Arturo Bachi, is outraged when the final apartment in the building he plans
to turn into a hotel is bought at an exclusive auction by someone who outbids him at the last minute.
His ire fades after he meets a gorgeous young woman with whom he spends a passionate,
life-altering one-night stand. Arturo is immediately enchanted; it doesn't hurt that she's the most beautiful
woman he has ever seen, even if she won't tell him her real name.

Book two — Dark Masquerade: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
When I took the job, I had no idea what it would bring. I didn't expect love, sex …and terror.
These two men have a history. I know that. But where do I fit into that, I don't know.
All I know is that, for me, one of them is the love of my life… I just don't know if he loves me or wants to kill me.
Somebody does. Someone is watching me. It could be Aldo, or it could be Indio …
Both of them are gorgeous, sexy, and rich as hell-not that money matters to me …
Both of them are pursuing me …and it should be every girl's dream, but …
I'm in too deep. If I follow my heart, I could be living a life of love, incredible sex, and happiness …
or I could be dead within days. What do I do?

Book three — The Assistant: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
Lust. Lies. Power.
For Brock Gordon, the biggest playboy billionaire in the entire country, it's just another day.
When he sees something he wants, he gets it, no matter what--or who--it is.
Life has always been one big game for Brock, and he knows he can have anything in the world if he waits for it.
Until he meets a young girl who is fresh out of college.
She is everything Brock never knew he wanted. She is young, she is fresh,
she is so innocent to the ways of the world of men. And she has a spirit.
From the moment he lays his eyes on her, he knows that he has to have her.
But this prey is proving much harder to catch and for the first time in his life,
Brock must come to terms that he doesn't get everything he wants.
Or does he?
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