John Chyan

Helping Children Learn and Grow

This concise and highly informative reference book is designed to help parents, educators, and other concerned adults recognize and understand the various developmental stages children go through as they grow, as well as difficulties they can encounter along the way. It is a layman's guide to developmental, behavioral, and mental health conditions to be alert to in children from birth through the teens. The descriptions and characteristics in these chapters are not meant to diagnose, but to increase awareness of what is expected at each major developmental stage, as well as of some of the deviations to look out for. In addition to covering children's developmental milestones and the typical growth steps at each stage, special topics addressed include ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, microcephaly, hypotonia, hypertonia, seizures, chromosome abnormalities, and down syndrome.

86 printed pages
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