Serendipitous: The Brilliance Saga, Stacey Earle
Stacey Earle

Serendipitous: The Brilliance Saga

401 printed pages
Could you risk everything for the ones you love—sacrifice your soul and kill for them?

Orphaned at age seven, Cecily Vale is on a personal crusade to avenge her family’s murder at any cost. The twenty-five year old is in over her head, when she stumbles into the path of elite assassin, Ethan Drake. A highly specialized eradicator, only weeks away from marrying the daughter of a mobster—a debt acquired from his reckless youth. Ethan makes another risky move, taking Cecily captive.

Two people who never thought love was possible, open up their hearts, tear down their walls, and dive into a passionate life together in Miami Beach. Ethan’s lavish world of wealth and luxury, becomes Cecily’s. But what all the money in the world can’t buy her, and the only thing she longs for, is time with her beloved Ethan.

Cecily’s biggest weakness, is the size of her heart and her best weapon, is being underestimated. Stalked by death her entire life, what will happen when she finds herself cornered once again?
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