Ph.D. Michael Redivo J

Values Grounded Parenting

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Raise Healthy, Responsible, Well-Adjusted Kids Who Thrive in Your Household AND in the Real World

Ditch the Drama, Disrespect, and Back Talk

Many of today's kids are glued to their screens, focus on what they want to do versus what they need to do, and lack motivation. This causes unnecessary drama, conflict, and emotionally charged power struggles. Yet, despite a number of available tools, many parents are more stressed and frustrated than ever before.

Values Grounded Parenting: A Framework for Raising Healthy Children is your ultimate road map to gaining your children's respect and raising them to behave responsibly. The secret is to create and follow a custom parenting model that will improve your relationship with your child, whether they are age 4, 12, or 16.

With activities, real-world examples, and practical strategies, this thoughtful guide will teach you how to:
• Identify the positive values that define your behavior as a family and build up your children's self-esteem.
• Create a family culture that is rooted in positive values-values that teach your children to behave responsibly and respectfully.
• Effectively redirect negative behavior without the power struggles, drama, and back talk.
• Discipline your children in positive and firm ways that teach values grounded lessons without the shame and blame.
• End the battles over what your kids want to do versus what they need to do.
• Use conflict productively to promote learning and growth in your children.
• Grow trust and positive intimacy in your relationship with your children.

A psychologist and parent, Dr. Michael Redivo shares more than 25 years of clinical experience in helping thousands of parents successfully raise responsible and well-adjusted kids. His real-life examples prove that any family can improve their relationships and enjoy a brighter future.
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