Ansofie Reeders,Dana Smith Bader,Hannah Young

Rainbow Readiness

The Rainbow Readiness book is an easy-to-understand introduction to your child’s development. It is based on the areas of development outlined by the British National Curriculum, but falls in line with universal norms, theories and principles that educators and psychologists agree on. Each chapter gives you an insight into understanding how these areas develop and what can be done to enhance them.
At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a ‘Rainbow Readiness Record’ which will help you to track your child’s development, without looking at scores or milestones.
The chapters introduce the areas of development:
Personal, social, and emotional development
Language development
Physical development
Understanding the world
Creative development
The book is illustrated with colourful, friendly and fun sketches and the easy-to-use layout allows you to use the book as an easy reference guide.
Companion activities are also available — search for Rainbow Readiness Activity Pack
123 printed pages


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