G.L. Martin

I, Custodian

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I, Custodian: Fire is a dystopic novel battling ethics of the government mode of conduct, of large industries and of imperial ownership of land and human rights. The novel delves into exploring the impacts of human experiments and the cataclysm of systematic censorship in a country overpopulated and criminally ruled.

Speaking for the voices silenced by the government crime of Terra Nullius, the novel uses its narrative to illustrate the flow on issues of that crime on both the land and people. The novel looks within the human to cope with the turmoil of modern existence.

The Piercezenenârterz are the ones torn from their country. Their reality reverberates to the complexity of a young woman in a covert pursuit for Truth. An idea originates from a spider, wisdom and patience weaving a web of life. This reality tangles; each thread is a character's life tying knots in a paradox to escape the unravelling. Yet, the thread disintegrates.

In the book, Nyan, the capital city, is located in Ard; a rugged, tough country. Nyan is imprisoned by walls of concrete, grown as an entity in itself, constructed by the bloodied blue collars.

I, Custodian: Fire explores riots and police brutality, and how drones and A.I. negatively impact human rights and welfare. The novel ventures into the gritty world of drug abuse and the addict and how all humans of the modern age are subject to addiction. People, evacuated from the rural lands to the controlled metropolitan, suffocate under Agenda 2021 as they give their freedoms up for a packaged idea of safety. In this setting, the novel utilizes the capital city as a place shifting in ownership where deals and personas are encrusted in lies.

The novel is written in English; however, the people of Ard speak Ardian and there are the Piercezenenârterz people who speak Piercesynism. There is a glossary attached to the novel, along with the pronunciation and footnotes.
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G L Martin



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