Talking to the Enemy, Scott Atran
Scott Atran

Talking to the Enemy

685 printed pages
“Atran explores the way terrorists think of themselves and teaches us, at last, intelligent ways to think about terrorists.”—Christopher Dickey, Newsweek Middle East Editor and author of Securing the City

Talking to the Enemy by Scott Atran is an eye-opening and important book that offers readers a startling look deep inside terror groups. Based on the author’s unprecedented access to and in-depth interviews with terrorists and jihadis—including Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Taliban extremists, as well as members of other radical Islamic terror organizations—Talking to the Enemy provides fresh insight and unexpected answers to why there are people in this world willing to kill and die for a cause. A riveting, compelling work in the tradition of The Looming Tower and Terror in the Name of God, Talking to the Enemy is required reading for anyone interested in making the world a safer, more secure place for everyone.
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The general idea is that when people consider things sacred, even if it’s just bits of a wall or a few words in a language one may not even understand, then standard economic and political ways of deciding behavior in terms of costs and benefits fall apart
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