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Do we create our own reality due to necessity or due to other reasons; reasons we have no control over?

If we perceive life to be as we perceive life should be, is it in fact that way or simply imagined?

We are all meant to be loved; we all need to be loved. We are all meant to experience life to its fullest. But what if you were unable to fulfill this one thing we all take for granted? Would you create your own reality, and go into hiding from the world, and from yourself?

Kathy Murphy was a typical woman seeking an adventure. A freedom, an escape from the mundane life we all lead. She took a chance and got on a boat she had saved for all of her life and set herself free from the imprisonment of society.

And on this adventure Kathy discovered more than just herself, she discovered she could be herself despite the odds. Is Nowhere is a state of mind, or a reality; and if so where is it? It seems it doesn’t matter where you end up; you always wake up to nowhere.
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