Swami Raghaveshananda

As the Apostles Saw Her

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Only twelve Rishis could recognize Sri Ramachandra. All cannot recognize an incarnation of God. Some take Him for an ordinary man, some for a holy person and only a few recognize Him as an incarnation” says Sri Ramakrishna. To make it more clear he illustrates it with a story in his own inimitable style.
A rich man said to his servant: ‘Take this diamond to the market and let me know, how different people price it. First of all, take it to a brinjal seller.’ The brinjal seller examined it, turning it over in the palm of his hand and said, ‘Brother, I can give nine seers of brinjals for it.’ ‘Friend,’ said the servant, ‘can you give a little more? Say, ten seers?’ The brinjal seller replied, ‘No, I have already quoted the right price. You can give it to me if that price suits you. ‘The servant laughed.
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