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Edgar Cayce on Soul Symbolism

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Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic of all time, recommended exploring three tools for personal symbolism that would assist in personal growth and enlightenment: Creating Life Seals, Creating Aura Charts, and Understanding the Book of Revelation.

From Cayce’s perspective, a Life Seal is a personal mandala that can be used as a tool for reflection—a reminder of what she or he hopes to accomplish in life. An Aura Chart is a visual depiction of an individual’s unique Akashic Record and represents a soul’s lessons, attainments, failures and developments over many lifetimes. Cayce’s unique approach to the Book of Revelation is that it is a symbolic exploration of archetypal images, patterns, and processes that correspond to the awakening of the Higher Self. It depicts not an external process related to world events but instead an internal one that portrays the struggles that occur within each individual as spiritual development takes places and the basic lower nature of humankind evolves to its higher spiritual nature.

You will discover how these tools of symbolism can be used to cultivate your soul talents, to accomplish your mission in life, to overcome weaknesses, to enhance your soul memory, to remember your past lives and even as a means of personal attunement. Edgar Cayce on Soul Symbolism presents timely information on how symbolism can be used to understand yourself and even your connection to the divine. In addition, the volume contains examples of Life Seals and Aura Charts from the Cayce files, as well as two dictionaries of symbols for your easy reference.
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    Anna Materikinahas quoted6 years ago
    “When one understands self, and self’s relation to its Maker, the duty to its neighbor, its own duty to self, it cannot, it will not be false to man, or to its Maker.”

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