Why Blue?, Josh Tuiniga
Josh Tuiniga

Why Blue?

When a little girl wonders that age old question, “Why is the sky blue?” her imagination takes her on a beautiful journey of color, science and friendship.
This gorgeously illustrated picture book works equally well in the classroom or at bedtime.Here's what people are saying about Why Blue:“Children are naturally curious, creative and “wonder”ful. They look at the world with fresh eyes, quite different than our own. How can we ensure that this kind of creative thinking continues to exist in our students' minds during a time when they are fed a steady diet of “information overload”– TV, internet, video games? Well, I think we need to balance out that digital diet with intelligent, imaginative and inspiring books like Why Blue? by Josh Tuininga.” -Creating a Thoughtful Classroom“If you are looking for a fun book for your family or even for your child's classroom (Teacher Appreciation Week is coming soon), “Why Blue?” is the great option! The book is perfect for beginning readers, kids who like to use their imaginations and families who enjoy cuddling up and reading together.” – Macaroni Kid
24 printed pages


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