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Financial Modelling Manual

A comprehensive but succinct step-by-step guide to building a financial forecast model in Excel.All the steps are fully explained with screenshots from a case model which can be downloaded online and used to practice as you work through the manual. The manual contains additional chapters focussing on circularity in models and how to troubleshoot related problems. The manual also includes a guide on to how to thoroughly check a model for errors and how to resolve them, and an introduction to the key Excel keyboard shortcuts and functions that will ensure fast, accurate modelling.To download the accompanying excel model for this manual please go to – See more at:
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  • Irina Zhukhas quoted2 years ago
    How to forecast

    Sales are generally forecast using a growth rate assumption. Some models contain detailed sales forecasts which are split out by business or geographical sector and each sector projected individually. It is also possible to separate sales growth into components of price growth and volume growth. Volume growth can also be separated into market growth and share of market growth, all of which can be forecast separately depending on how much detail is needed.
  • Irina Zhukhas quoted2 years ago
    In the sample model for this manual, input cells have a grey background and blue and bold font whilst the formula cells have a white background and black font
  • Irina Zhukhas quoted2 years ago
    It is common within models for hard coded numbers to be shown in blue font colour and formulas (calculated numbers) to be shown in black.

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