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Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich

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IN MARKETING What is the main difference between “pathetic” and “profitable?” A compelling advertising headline. Veteran marketers and entrepreneurs alike know a powerful headline is the most important factor for putting more money in your pocket. Whether it's for your.. Web site. Yellow Pages ad. Sales Letter. Postcard. Marketing brochures. Newspaper or magazine ad .. the right advertising headline will attract, persuade and retain your most loyal, valuable customers. It's true. A great headline makes all the difference. Scientific tests have proven it over and over: Just by changing a headline, you can increase an ad's profitability by two, three, even five times. Finally, here is the world's #1 resource for quickly and easily creating powerful advertising headlines that are a perfect fit for your business. The kind of headlines that produce record-breaking sales results! In this book, copywriting expert David Garfinkel, who mentors other copywriters for $15,000 and up, offers you one of his most prized possessions: his carefully chosen, market-tested set of advertising headline templates that truly can make you rich! “David Garfinkel is the best copywriter I know.” — Jay Conrad Levinson, author, best-selling Guerrilla Marketing series
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    Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
    But there’s more. Author David Garfinkel has created an entire, comprehensive and easy-to-use System for writing advertising. His System is called Copywriting Templates. It makes every step of the process as easy as it is now for you to write headlines.

    Take your advertising power to the next level. Go to:
    Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
    3.Don’t assume your prospect knows what you know
    Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
    4.Don’t focus on your process
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