Jay Barnett

Letters to a Young Queen: Redefining Their Throne

Letters to a Young Queen is a collection of letters and poems for young girls. Author Jay Barnett highlights the struggles and triumphs of the young women he has encountered through the Women of Excellence Project. Letters to a Young Queen is for the fatherless little girl who is desperately seeking male attention and craves the encouragement, discipline, and authority that only a father figure can give. These letters will inspire and empower young girls from all backgrounds to grow into the queens they were destined to be.

Women of the 1900's had many fearless leaders and trailblazers to admire and respect-Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt, to name a few. Since then, women have shattered the glass ceiling-landing positions in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as politics, banking and science.

Despite this progression, several prominent women in our current culture detract from the progress made thus far. The days of positive female role models are slowly disappearing, as reality stars and entertainers have captured the attention of our young girls. Young women of this generation have lost sight of the numerous sacrifices made to ensure and protect their freedoms and rights. How do we stop the perpetual cycle of uneducated and foolish behaviors of our young women before it's too late?

The Women of Excellence Project is a program dedicated to the mentoring and mental development of young women. Through this work, author Jay Barnett began to see recurring behavior patterns among the young women highlighting their need for acceptance and validation. Even at an early age, young girls want to pursue what is socially accepted. In the absence of positive role models in today's society, girls imitate reality TV stars and their friends' behavior on social media. Now is the time to restore young women to their rightful place in society and to build them up into the queens that they truly are.
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