Christine M Knight

Song Bird

A working single mother balancing competing demands and responsibilities, Nikki Mills (aka Mavis Mills) dreamed of the freedom and lifestyle that came with being a platinum record artist. As Song Bird opens, Nikki's wildest dreams have come true.
An international singing sensation, Nikki has all but transcended the insecurity that companioned her throughout high school and beyond. Nonetheless, she discovers that her new reality is far different from what she had imagined. Life on tour is often glamorous, but home is where the heart is, and she is determined not to be defined by the fan and media circus that surrounds her.
The unearthing of Nikki's dark past, known only to her inner circle, creates a paparazzi whirlwind that threatens to destroy her. Song Bird explores Nikki's attempts to withstand the media storm, keep her past behind her, and maintain her equilibrium in the unexpectedly challenging present.
Song Bird explores how Nikki, both in and out of the spotlight, deals with adversity while honoring the deepest longings of her heart. The novel offers a realistic look at success, parenting, relationships between the generations, and love while exploring the themes of discovery, belonging, and transformation.
325 printed pages
Original publication


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