David A Lange

A Farm on Every Corner

The current wasteful, inefficient, and unsustainable practices in America's food system have us hurtling towards a bleak future.

Instead, A Farm on Every Corner suggests that a radical decentralization and localization of food production and a transformation of how our country grows, ships, eats, and disposes of its food is critical for a more sustainable, profitable, healthier, and tastier future.

From a food forest in Atlanta, to sidewalks in Los Angeles, to the docks of Sitka, Alaska, this book will take you on a journey of what's possible when food meets community. It takes inventory of the current state of our nation's food system and makes the case for why empowering our communities to take back food production from corporations makes us all better off.

Whether you're someone who visits their weekly farmers' market or if you've never given a second thought to how your food got to your plate, this book will show you the potential located down the street and across the country and teach you to reconnect how we eat with where we live. Let's dig in!
141 printed pages
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