Todd Foley

Eastbound Sailing

Meet Aiden Lawrence. He needs your help, but he doesn't know it. He needs companionship, but he doesn't want to be your friend. He doesn't know how to like himself, and he can't expose the truth of his past. You'll want to help him. Be patient with him. He's trying. Even if it pushes him to the brink of death, he'll keep trying.

Aiden's a jaded young man struggling to reconcile with his past, present and future. When he goes to check up on his late father's cabin on an island in the Pacific Northwest, he comes across three locals — an old-soul store cashier, a free-spirited hippie and a nihilistic carpenter — who drastically shape his path. Eastbound Sailing follows Aiden on his cyclical journey through a broken world in pursuit of redemption — a pursuit that forces him backwards before letting him rest.
148 printed pages
Original publication


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