Suzy Makó

Path to the Space

The book is full of interesting facts that will really interest young readers. The illustrations show them more about the origin of the universe, its formation, the position of the planets, the composition of the planets, or the phases of the moon. Kids need to know more about our solar system. They will discover attractions from the mysterious world of the universe. Kids will explore how the universe came into being, learn about the Galaxies, the Moon, and all the planets of the solar system. They will learn a lot of incredible facts about the planets that will interest them.To better understand the composition of the planets, their size, or the phases of the Moon, we have prepared a number of beautiful and informative illustrations for kids that you can find inside this book. The book is suitable for all ages. The book would be perfect for you as well, or the older kids who are interested in the night sky, facts about the planets, the universe, the sun, and the galaxy. For example, did you know that light travels from the Sun to our Earth at truly exceptional speed? Do you know how fast it is? Do you know the temperature of the universe? What are the rings of Saturn made of? Which astronaut spent the longest time in the space? These are just the basic questions you will find answers to in this book. Through the book, your children will learn the things that will interest them. They will expand their knowledge and recognize the space outside our planet.
47 printed pages
Original publication
Suzy Makó



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