Laura Marney

Only Strange People Go to Church

“Divine comedy… a joyous celebration of human imperfection” — Louise Welsh. Maria's job is to support Blue Group, an unruly crew of service users. But she might just have bitten off more than she can chew when she suggests they put on a large-scale community show. The venue for the show is to be Ray's workshop, a deconsecrated church where she's constantly distracted by local oddballs and Dezzie, her handsome colleague. Maria soon faces moral dilemmas that would curl a bishop's hair. If she does “the right thing” she'll wreck careers and break hearts — but what's “the right thing” anyway? Who decides who's allowed to love who? And can Ray even be trusted? New: revised by the author/new edit (digitally remastered edition)
323 printed pages
Original publication


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