Michelle Love

Single Daddy Romance

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Settle in for these three full-length standalone romances full of men who take charge in the boardroom and the bedroom!
Don't miss this set of hot billionaires and single daddy bosses waiting to be found out!

Book one - The Hottest Daddy: A Single Daddy Romance
Just when my life was falling apart, she came into it.
God, I can't stop thinking about her, her face, her hair, her beautiful, curvy body…
The way she gasps my name when she comes…
She is my life now, my whole life, and nothing and no-one will stop us from being together…
I left everything behind to save my own life. Everything.
What I didn't count on was finding him… River Giotto, the most handsome, sexiest man I've ever met.
My body has no control when he's near, I crave his touch, his lips on mine, his skin on my skin…
I might have lost my identity, but I found the love of my life…
I just hope no-one takes him away from me.
Or me away from him.

Book two - Rockstar Untamed: A Single Dad Virgin Romance
She's my new personal assistant. I have to keep reminding myself of that…
I'm Bodhi Creed, Rockstar, Superstar, Man-whore.
I admit it; I've used my looks, my fame, my money to get any woman I want…
But Sailor King is different. She has a past, a terrifying, horrifying past.
One that threatens her life every single day.
I want to protect her; I want to keep her safe…
And more than anything, I want her in my bed.
Her eyes, her lips, her hips, I want to kiss every inch of her until she's moaning and screaming my name.
She has more power over me than she knows and yet…
I have to keep reminding myself, she's my employee.
But I don't see how I can stop myself from falling for her.

Book three - Nanny Knows Best: A Bad Boy Romance
I have everything I could ever ask for in life.
I have a luxurious house. I have a billion-dollar company.
I have a son who is my pride and joy. To anyone who's on the outside looking in,
it looks like I have it all. I am the man that everyone either wants to be, or wants to be with.
But on the inside, I am broken.
I lost my wife years ago, and I have never allowed another woman a place in my life.
That's how I want it. I don't need the emotional entanglement, and I won't have it.
But then I meet her.
She's perfect. She's funny. She's beautiful.
She's everything I have ever wanted in a woman.
And then she disappears.
I search for her. I tear the world apart. But, she's gone.
All I have is my son and the friendship of a woman who is unlike any I've ever met.
Unlike any, that is, except one…
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