Alison Drummond

Shot! Passing the Baton

In life, everyone has their own story to tell. And all our stories are extraordinary.

When and how does a person’s story begin or end? Is it as simple as starting at birth and ending with death? Do many events intertwine to create one’s story, or does a significant incident dominate, taking precedence over all other events? And do those other events, although insignificant in comparison, lead to that dominating event? Can words and actions impact the course of a person and their family members’ lives, and can their circumstances ultimately impact humanity for the greater good?

In this compelling story, a shocking incident takes precedence in one family’s journey. This is a mother’s retelling of her beloved, free-spirited daughter and a life-changing accident on her 14th birthday in a country at war—Rhodesia. The traumatic event of that day, together with other incidents, seems to coincide with mere words spoken at earlier events.

As a young girl’s path changes in an instant, her courage and determination only pushes her forward in her quest to live a ‘normal life.’ While she comes to terms with reality, her family members have to deal with their own emotions, sacrifices, and changed lives.

At times, this book reveals a heart-wrenching tale of a daughter with monumental challenges and relentless tests of her character and beliefs. However, she finds the strength to face life with grace, bravery, and an unrelenting sense of humour—thanks to the love and support of her parents, sisters, family, and friends.

As her daughter faces her greatest difficulty, will this mother fulfil her wish?

Shot! Passing the Baton is a true story based on gratitude, perseverance, faith, hope, and love. By sharing their story, Alison Drummond hopes that her daughter’s bright light will continue to shine forever, to uplift others so they can live fully and victoriously.
255 printed pages
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