Ji-Qian Fang with Yongyong Xu,Songlin Yu

Medical Statistics and Computer Experiments

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This volume consists of three parts: Part I comprises 11 chapters on the basic concepts of statistics, Part II consists of 10 chapters on multivariate statistics and Part III contains 12 chapters on design and analysis for medical research. The book is written using basic concepts and commonly used methods of design and analysis in medical statistics, incorporating the operation of statistical package SAS and 100 computer experiments for the important statistical phenomena related to each chapter. All necessary data, including reference answers for the exercises, SAS programs for all computer experiments and part of the examples, and data documents for 12 medical researches are available. The Chinese version of this book has been recommended as a textbook of statistics for postgraduate program by the Office of Education Research, Ministry of Education, People's Republic of China.
Contents:Basic Concepts:Descriptive StatisticsProbability and DistributionSampling Error and Confidence IntervalHypothesis Testing for Continuous VariablesChi-Square Test for Categorical VariableFurther Discussion on Hypothesis TestSingle-Factor Analysis of VarianceNonparametric Test Based on RanksSimple Linear CorrelationSimple Linear RegressionStatistical Principles for Design of Interventional StudyMulti-variate Statistics:Multiple Regression and CorrelationMeasures of Multi-variate Data and Multi-variate Analysis of VarianceDiscriminant AnalysisLogistic RegressionCluster AnalysisPrincipal Component AnalysisFactor AnalysisCanonical Correlation and Correspondence AnalysisSurvival AnalysisLog-Linear Model for Contingency Table and Poisson RegressionDesign and Analysis for Medical Research:Multi-Factor Analysis of VarianceAnalysis of Repeated Continuous-Type MeasurementsDesign and Analysis of Cross-Sectional StudiesDesign and Analysis of Prospective StudiesDesigns and Analysis of Case-Control StudiesDesign and Analysis of Diagnostic and Screening Tests Design and Analysis of Sequential ExperimentsSystematic Review of Medical Research and Meta-AnalysisComparative Effectiveness ResearchStatistical Methods in Scale DevelopmentStatistical Methods for Data from Genetic Epidemiological StudyStatistical Methods in BioinformaticsReadership: Postgraduate students and researchers in medical, public health and applied statistics.Key Features:It gives basic guidance on a much broader range of statistical topics than is usually seen in books aimed at non-statisticiansIt makes the medical students and researchers feel the topic is useful and easy to learn
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