Mandi J Nelson

Awakening My Spiritual Heart

Awakening My Spiritual Heart, painfully and sometimes ‘awkwardly truthfully’
follows Mandi’s journey of hedonistic and reckless abandonment through the
use of drugs and alcohol, to experiences of witnessing loved ones’ death from
cancers, sexual assault, insurmountable moments of absolute bliss and many
other ‘tales’ that serve to portray her passage of growth. A must for anyone on
their own path of emergence from slumber.
It is an interweave of ‘stories’ drawn from Mandi J’s life, artfully threaded
through the philosophy of the underlying fabric of all yoga practice, Pantajali’s
Eight Limbs of Yoga. A snapshot of the underbelly of modern day Western
society ‘meet’s’ Ancient Eastern philosophy. An unlikely, controversial marriage
to inspire and encourage the reader to take responsibility for awakening to their
own truth and living the very best version of their lives possible.  ere are no
stories or shadows that are insurmountable.
At forty, a monumental turning point leads to absolute dedication to a
committed ‘path of puri cation’ and her own ’ten year experiment’. Her journey
is one from darkness to light, self-loathing to self-love, celibacy to Sacred Union,
as she finds the courage to walk to the mystic beat of her own Heart.
“Riveting. Raw. Real & brazenly honest.
‘Awakening my Spiritual Heart’ is Mandi’s personal road map into freedom.”
228 printed pages
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