Tony Kaye

the Secrets Of Terra Aqua

England is experiencing its wettest and coldest summer since records began. The sun appears to be dimming and losing its power. A society lady Dame Petunia Bladderwort, who is living in reduced circumstances, finds herself unexpectedly transported to the Mud world of Terra Aqua. A planet with no set orbit that just wanders around space like a giant pinball. Where she encounters Cyril, An international modelling gnome, who had also crashed into the planet, due to a temporal anomaly. Dame Petunia also chances upon an American service man from her past,Trent Ranchhandeler.Their ensuing adventures lead them to the mud men,and their leader Clay, A group of entrepreneurs who are mining the mud for export to garden centres across the universe.In their travels,they encounter The Keeper who is an imposing immortal,oversees the unseen universe,while keeping safe the artefacts and secrets that hold the dark forces at bay.Along the way, they solve the mystery of earth’s bad weather, and the sun’s diminishing power.
85 printed pages
Original publication


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