Daphne Y Jefferson

Dropping the Mask

The face of leadership is changing — women of color will make up the majority of people in the workforce by 2030.

In Dropping the Mask: Connecting Leadership to Identity, Daphne Jefferson helps leaders navigate the challenges of connecting their unique identities to the way they lead. As a leader, Daphne was often the only woman or woman of color in the room. She didn't feel she had the security to be “open and authentic.” She learned that authentic leadership doesn't look like anyone else and began to embrace a leadership style that is an amalgamation of all of her unique experiences. She now wants to help others find the courage to drop the mask and fully embrace their authentic identities.

This book will help you:
Understand what authenticity means for people of colorGain insight into why so many women leaders struggle with confidenceLearn how leaders can reclaim their true identities by reconciling their inner and outer personas

Dropping the Mask does a wonderful job of incorporating personal stories with in-depth research and statistics. It sheds a light on female leadership, showing how women can be a strong and crucial part of all organizations.
204 printed pages
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