An Essay Upon Projects, Daniel Defoe

An Essay Upon Projects

Daniel Defoe is most well-known for his classic novels Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders. Born circa 1659, he was also a journalist, a pamphleteer, a businessman, a spy … and a writer of short stories. His life was long and colourful, and the breadth of his work, still highly regarded, is infused with similar vigour. In this essay however another side of Defoe is revealed. It’s very well thought out and as a social document a priceless recording of the problems facing the Country at that time as well as a possible solution. Defoe unfortunately often ran up large bills which could then not be repaid. He was often most seen on Sundays when bailiffs and the like legally could make no move on him. Allegedly whilst hiding from creditors he died on April 24th  1731. He was interred in Bunhill Fields, London.
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