B. Love

Caged Love 3

“My mama taught us to be women, but my pops taught us to only entertain men; real men. Men like him. Of course my sisters and I have made horrible decisions in the past because that’s just a part of life. But that night… as young as we were… I knew you were going to grow up into this…” her eyes met his. “Powerful, loyal, strong man. A man soft as cotton to love me tenderly, yet strong as concrete to protect me. I knew you would, and you did. You did.” — Aurelia Cage
As La Familia begins to unravel, Sunshine and Dynasty have something to hold them together that Aurelia doesn’t — a man. As they tie up a few loose ends they draw on the strength of their men to make it through.
Aurelia has never been the one to be in her feelings, that’s always been Sunshine, but as Aurelia watches her sister’s explore other areas and priorities in life she can’t help but consider how different her life would be if she had love as well.
Not just love. But Lecrae Benson’s love.
Five years have passed since they split, and since then she’s been settling for Mr. Right Now’s to avoid the pain of losing her Mr. Right because of all she did wrong.
When Lecrae returns to Memphis he has his mind set on one thing — reclaiming his woman. And Aurelia is all for that… until she realizes her current Mr. Right Now has no plans of letting her go for Lecrae or anyone else.
After breaking one of her cardinal rules about mixing business with pleasure, Aurelia finds herself in a committed relationship with a Miami drug lord that doesn’t like change and inconsistency. He understands Aurelia’s desire for Lecrae, but nothing matters to him more than his desire for her.
Who will come out victorious? Will Aurelia finally get her happily ever after with her first love? Or will she be forced to remain loyal to Sy to spare La Familia?
Read part three of Caged Love to find out!
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