Joaquín Martínez de Zúñiga

The History of Philippine Islands

“History of the Philippine Islands” in 2 volumes is a chronicle written by the Spanish priest Joaquín Martínez de Zúñiga. The book features the history of the Philippines from their discovery by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 to the restoration of Manila by the English in 1764 after the Seven Years' War. This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Volume 1:
Philippine Islands:
Their Description — Productions and Commerce
Of the Inhabitants the Spaniards found in the Philippines — Their Language, Customs, and Religion
Comprising the Discovery of the Philippines
Of the Conquest of Zebu, and Discovery of the Route to New Spain
Of the complete Conquest of the Island of Zebu, and of some Towns in other Islands
Of the Conquest of Manila
Of the Government of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi
Of the Administration of Don Francisco La Sande
The Administration of Don Ronquillo de Penalosa
The Administration of Don Santiago de Vera
The Administration of Gomez Perez Dasmariñas…
Volume 2:
The Administration of Don Manuel de Leon
The Administration of Don Juan de Vargas
The Administration of Don Gabriel de Curuzalegui
The Administration of Don Fausto Cruzat y Gongora
The Administration of Don Domingo Zabalburu
The Administration of the Conde de Lizarraga
The Administration of Don Fernando Bustamante
The Administration of the Marquis de Torre Campo
The Administration of Don Fernando Valdes y Tamon
The Administration of Don Gaspar de la Torre
The Administration of the Marquis of Obando
The Administration of Don Pedro Manuel de Arandia
Of the Siege of Manila by the English, in the Year 1762
Of the Capture of Manila by the English, and its Capitulation
Of the Defence of the Islands by the Oidor Don Simon de Anda
Of the internal Commotions raised by the Indians and Chinese during the War
Of the Restoration of Manila by the English at the Peace, anno 1763
366 printed pages
Original publication
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