Lazz Laszlo

Get Gutsy Get Hired

You can promise yourself that you will start tomorrow. Will you really begin your new habit tomorrow? If you are in search of a new job, career, or are approaching a whole new line of employment to increase your wealth, current income, and want to pursue what the money you earn can offer; this will show you how to gain independence, personal growth, and become a master at interviews.
The world is sad and yet it is very beautiful. Sad because so many people on this planet have big dreams for their futures and never take the first step to achieve them. The beautiful side is filled with people who had discipline and initiative to go after what they wanted; and got it!
Sad because over-thinkers waste time going over what they should do again and again in their head and getting nowhere in the process.
Beautiful is what those who dropped the thinking part after a reasonable amount of time and took action.
It's your decision; do you want a sad life or a beautiful one?
Another sad situation concerns those who, at a very young age, dwell on retirement. The younger you are the more calculated risk you can take, because if you screw up, you still have many years ahead of you to get it right. Yet, many young people procrastinate, waiting for the right opportunity or situation to come along. What if your house isn't one of the success bus route stops?
I'll down play the statistics, but half of the adults in the United States are unhappy about their current job or career. The statistic is actually much higher, but I'll be conservative just so you don't get too depressed. This means that half of the people you encounter in a store, sports event, place of worship, a party, a family gathering, wedding, or even a funeral are not happy about their current work situation. The only one who is really comfortable about their employment situation is the person in the pine box. (Were they happy when they were alive, or did their attitude toward life lead them to the promised-land prematurely?)
You can settle for the hand that has been dealt to you; where you were born, who your parents were, the people you went to school with, your teachers, neighbors and friends or you can take a proactive approach to your future by getting gutsy and be willing to face some humility, fear, and emotional stress to wind up with the life you really want. Get Gutsy and Get Hired and enjoy all the beautiful things, people, and relationships that you really deserve for taking an aggressive proactive approach to life.
I'll share with you some of my personal experiences, strategies, downfalls, and stories that I think will help you if you are in that fifty percent that just hates their current work situation. I will attempt to push you out of your comfort zone, but encourage you to attain a higher comfort zone level a little bit further up the food chain.
You don't have to be in a hurry; just a chapter a day!       -LAZZ LASZLO-    
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