Roy Aronson

Jamie James

This is the story of a young boy who wants to become a veterinarian. He travels to Nelspruit near the Kruger National Park in order to gain work experience with a wildlife vet. He has a secret mission that is in fact his primary mission. Two hundred years ago an ancestor of his whipped a black slave to death. The slave’s mother placed a curse on the family whereby all the male descendants will die violently before their fiftieth birthday. Jamie endeavours to try and have his family released from the curse. In the process he meets Samantha, the love interest in the story, and Shadrak, who becomes his friend and who is also the son of a Sangoma. We also meet Mafutha, the elephant and Savanna, the cheeta who play a huge part in Jamie’s understanding of himself and his past. An adventure story set against the backdrop of an interesting milieu and where caring for wildlife animals are at the forefront. It is also a story of fear and hope, and above all, one of endurance, friendship and reconciliation. The book is written with children, adolescents and young adults in mind.
169 printed pages
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